Friday, May 30, 2014

Thing 12: Books, Books & More

Okay, I'm sold on Audiobooks. I'm not generally a huge fan of audiobooks (except for books read by David Sedaris or Sarah Vowell) but many times we have patrons (especially students, or parents of students) need/want audio versions of classic novels. It's easy enough to track down ebook copies of titles in the public domain - thank you, Project Gutenberg - but audiobooks aren't as readily available.

True, you have to stream the audiobook if you want free versions, so it's not great if you're going to spend a week in the Guatamelan jungle.  But otherwise, with the wide availability of wifi (easy to locate thanks to Thing 3), it's a fairly useful app.

Wattpad was also on the agenda, and it's fine.  But not nearly as Earth-shattering as Audiobooks.

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