Friday, May 16, 2014

Thing 5: Notetaking

I downloaded the Springpad app and created several practice notebooks - one for movies, one for tasks, one for quick notes, a holiday gift planner, and, of course, one for books.

Creating and maintaining the notebooks seemed pretty straightforward, although I like to include the date I read a book or watched a movie (I'm weird that way).  I tried including this information in the notes, but was not able to sort or search by this information.  But I supposed the wealth of data I CAN include (external reviews, where I saw it, what I thought of it) outweights the negatives.

I was thinking that it might also be helpful to be able to label items in my holiday gift list according to who the present is for, but after bumbling about for a little while, I did find that you can tag each gift, and search/sort by tag.

The task list could also be useful at work, except our email program currently has a task list that includes tasks I set for myself, as well as those sent to be by colleagues.  Still, this is good for stuff like "Don't forget to buy a new toothbrush."

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