Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thing 9: Taking & Editing Photos

Tragedy.  Well, a first-world sort of tragedy.

Last week I wrote the blog post for Thing 9 after installing and playing around with Line Camera.  It was mostly me noting that this is fun tool, and I can definitely see work applications (posters, event recaps), etc., and I will never, ever , try touching up my own picture and then comparing it to the original.  Because that is a dangerous game.

Anyway, today I went to edit the blog post with my tablet, and accidentally "reverted to draft."  You wouldn't think this would be a big deal - I can't be the first person who's done it - so I quickly googled "recover blog post," and learned that you should be able to go to your browser history and find it lost posts.  So to the browser history I went...but it didn't work.

And since this exercise isn't about the finer points of blog recovery, and since I'm getting frustrated, I'm going to let. it. go.

And maybe try out Color Splurge.*

*I tried Color Splurge, and if I were a more artistic type of person it would probably become an obsession. Unfortunately, I found the ads soooo annoying I eneded up deleting the app shortly after installing it.

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