Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thing 7: Content Saving & Sharing

Pinterest. Is. Evil.

Like many people, I have a Pinterest page that I use to collect random nonsense -- recipes, funny memes, particularly awesome Halloween costumes.  Unfortunately, I learned that you can never spend just five minutes on Pinterest; five minutes becomes fifty, and I'm left feeling foolish and drained.

Today is no exception.  However, after tearing my eyes away from a series of funny (and generally safe for work) pins, I decided, hey, time to figure out how to make this work for me.  Emphasis on work.

I'd never really thought of it as a way to collect all my bookmarks, and after my first failed attempt to "bookmark" a page that I can never remember (my work email), I realized why.  If the site you want to pin doesn't have any images (like the bare bones work email login page), you get an error message of "Oops! This site doesn't have any images to Pin."  Which is not terribly helpful.

For collecting book display ideas, or program concepts for Banned Books Week, Pinterest is a great visual tool.  I like that I can forward images easily to colleagues, and searching through various boards created by librarians was a lot of fun.  (The Goth Librarian's "Corporate Goth Wardrobe" was hilarious, although the Lusty Librarian's boards were oddly lethargic.)

Still...if you're looking to save bookmarks to access across devices, I'd recommend logging into Google Chrome.

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