Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thing 3: Utilities

RedLazer Barcode & QR Scanner

I downloaded app, and was a little puzzled since didn't look exactly like descripion on 23 Mobile Things site, and i wasn't given the option to not give my location.  However, I did scan a couple of book & audiobook barcodes, and promptly got prices for same volumes online, where I might buy or check out copies locally, and "related suggestions" (which, unfortunately, were...unfortunate).  I didn't have any QR codes in close proximity, so I scanned one that I created to link to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter book trailer (which worked fine).

Google Goggles
Good for a laugh with my colleagues, but as far as I could tell, no more useful than just typing a search into  Google.  Wait...I just scanned some stock art on my coworker's wall, and it correctly told me the artist and name of the painting.  Now, it's a well-known painting  - Wheat Field with Cypress by Van Gogh - but still cool.

WiFi Finder
This is so much fun!  I initially thought, "Why would you need this if your phone already tells you what wifi signals are available?"  I didn't realize it would list all of the free wifi options (or a good chunk of them, anyway) in my city.

I am very fond of Firefox, and so downloaded the app for my device.  I was puzzled by the mask icon at the top of the search window, but after googling the terribly clever, "foxfire mobile app mask icon," was pleased to learn that it allows you to do private browsing (in a window opened with this, firefox doesn't keep browser history, search history, cookies, etc), which is a nice feature.

I was also curious about Opera, so downloaded that as well; we'll see if it's actually faster than Chrome or Firefox.

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