Friday, May 16, 2014

Thing 4: Keeping Up

Flipboard was pre-loaded on my phone, so that's the one I went with. (One less decision to make.)

I stormed by way through the categories - News?  Of course.  Film? Sure.  Politics?  Don't mind if I do! - and before long I had 3 pages of the "proud to follow" (NPR, News, Politics, BBC World News) and the "slightly embarrassed I like but what the heck" (Mental Floss, Onion A.V. Club, BuzzFeed.  What I didn't find, however, in my initial browsing, was a link for books. 

So after I spent 20 minutes catching up the mining disaster in Turkey and Jennifer Lawrence's late night appearances, I did a quick search for books/reviews/etc, and promptly subscribed to the "books" feed, which had some pretty great articles from The Telegraph, HuffingtonPost, and The Guardian.  There was also an option to subscribe to "Bestsellers," (which I didn't find quite as useful), and something called "Word and Film: Intersection of books, movies and TV," which proved to be gossipy, mildly informative and a lot of fun, especially when I'm looking for book and movie display ideas.  (Ex: Last month I created a list of "Best 1940s Films," and I would have found the article Beyond Citizen Kane: Your Cinematic Guide to the 1940s very helpful.)

Only problem - too many articles, too little time.

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