Monday, May 19, 2014

Thing 6: Creating & Editing Docs

Since Quickoffice allows you to save documents to Google Drive and access documents that have been saved there, that is the one I decided to test drive.  Downloading the app and viewing/editing my saved documents wasn't at all difficult, and creating/saving a new document was similarly easy.

Since this seemed pretty intuitive, I decided I'd give SignNow a try, thinking it would be very helpful if, say, I need to sign my tax returns before sending them back to my tax preparer (selfish, I know, but it does tend to become a priority if, like this year, there is an issue and you are required to resubit on April 14). 

Downloading the SignNow app was not a problem, but after "signing" the test document, I spent the following 30-40 minutes in deep frustration as I tried to open an existing Google doc in SignNow.  Whenever I tried to open a document in SignNow from my email account, I was given the option to "Open in a new Window," "Save Link" and several others, but not "Preview" or "Open in a different program" as I was instructed to search for.  After the 30-40 minutes of the aforementioned frustration, I decided I'd reached the point of diminishing returns. 

However, if I can ever get a document to open in the app, I'm sure I'll like it very much.

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