Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thing 8: Social Media Management Tools

I rarely follow Twitter, only access LinkedIn if someone sends me a request, only look at Google+ if I accidentally click on it while checking my gmail, and typically only check facebook once a day (more if it happens to be my day to manage the library's social media posts, less if it's a weekend or I'm on vacation).

So, long story short, I'm not really the target audience for a social media aggregators.  That said, it would certainly be nice to be able to post to the library's FB and Twitter accounts simultaneously. So...Hootsuite.

First I created a HS account for my personal FB and Twitter accounts (no problems to report), and then realized that it would be more practical to create a Hootsuite account for the library accounts in order to schedule posts to Twitter and FB when I go on vacation

First, although I had to log into HS with my personal FB account, I was able to send updates just to the RPL page.  So far, so good.  Unfortunately, when I tried to add the library Twitter account, I got the error message that someone else had already created a HS account with that Twitter account (curse upon your heads, colleagues who actually finished this Thing in a timely fashion!)

So, while I can totally see how this could be useful, in reality I doubt I'll get much use from this particular app.  At least not until I can track down whoever has the HS account that allows access to the RPL Twitter account.

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