Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thing 13: Presentations

The Deck Slideshow Presentations had me at "does not require you to have any design skills whatsoever."

Because I have no design skills whatsoever.

But I did have some innocently weird pictures from a recent staff (mostly, anyway) party with the theme, "Prom: Recapture the Awkward."

It was easy to add images, change the background (although the majority of designs are for-fee), and add text to create something you can watch on your device or export via email, dropbox, bluetooth, etc.  My only disappointment was that there wasn't a way, or at least, not an obvious way, to upload it to the internet for everyone to view.  Wait!  I just talked to my colleague Pam about this very "Thing" and she suggested that I try Haiku Deck.  "But that's only for Apple!"  "Oh, yeah. But you can use it on your computer, too."

So, while it goes against the goals of 23 Mobile Things, I'm going to spend just a little time with Haiku. 

P.S. I like Haiku better: https://www.haikudeck.com/p/cdyIupo0Wz/awkward-prom

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