Monday, June 9, 2014

Thing 17: Connecting to Community

I've lived in Rochester for over 10 years, and am pretty familiar with the community and activities for non-children.  The problems I run into are when my friends/family visit with their small children, and I'm tasked with coming up with activities for the under-10s.  This is where RochesterNow and Marquee Rochester could - and will - be very useful.

For example, after consulting RochesterNow, I would have know that Frozen was the June 7 "Movie on the Peace Plaza" (free), there was a Live Eagle program at the National Eagle Center, and The Honkers played a home game on June 9 at 1:05.

After consulting Marquee Rochester for next week's events, I now know that there is a free Carillon concert next Friday, there is an exhibit at the History Center that might be of interest to the little girls in the crew, the Rochester Children's Museum has a Ball-O-Rama exhibit, and (of course) there are family story times held at the Rochester Public Library.

In other words, far more activities than the average 5-year-old could manage in one weekend.

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